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Cushman & Wakefield - When a crisis situation occurs that is likely to draw media and public attention to Trinity Centre, all individuals must be prepared to provide honest, accurate and appropriate information to the media in a timely manner.

To maintain the reputation of the firm, our clients, tenants, employees and other properties in the face of a crisis or potential negative media report, our policy is that the Management Office will contact the Cushman & Wakefield Public Relations department and they will become involved immediately.  A Corporate Crisis Communication Team has been formed as a central resource for counsel and assistance in responding to various audiences in times of crisis.  The Team includes legal counsel, risk counsel, media counsel and other senior management expertise as appropriate.

It is the policy of Cushman & Wakefield that requests from the media for information on transactions, comments on trends, interviews for newspaper articles, speeches and public appearances must be cleared in advance with Corporate Public Relations.  This includes all written and oral communication and the release of photographs to the media.  The only exception to this policy is Division Presidents, Regional Managers and General Manager who may respond to inquiries about property-related matters – as long as it is deemed in the best interests of the property owner and tenants.

Click here to download a Media Inquiry Form

Although a specific media policy has not been devised for our tenants at Trinity Centre to follow, it is recommended that you develop an occupant specific media inquiry policy in order to appropriately respond to the media in the event of a crisis situation.  Should you develop a media policy that you would like our office to retain, please submit it to the Management Office at your earliest convenience.

Cushman & Wakefield does request, however, that you do not give out building specific information or information regarding other tenants to the media.  Should you have any questions or comments with regards to this policy, please contact the Management Office.

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