Power Failure
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If power fails in your area, follow the instructions below:

  • Notify the Management Office at 703-322-9650. The power failure may be localized to your floor, so do not assume the building already knows of the failure.
  • If your phone system is not operating due to the power outage, try to use a cellular phone to call the office.
  • Do not try to take the stairs or the elevator to get to the Management Office.
  • Open draperies and raise blinds to let in outside light. If there is adequate lighting from windows, continue performing assignments as well as possible.
  • If you are instructed to evacuate, lock all areas.
  • Do not congregate in lobby areas or in the street.
  • If you are trapped in an elevator during a power failure, use call button and wait for assistance. Your elevators will cease operation, but WILL NOT FALL. Do not force open the doors. DO NOT PANIC.
  • The Management Office will attempt to advise you regarding the length and cause of the power failure as soon as possible.
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