Fire Prevention Tips
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  • Make sure appliances such as coffee makers are turned off at night.
  • If electrical equipment or a fluorescent light is not working properly, or if it gives off an unusual odor, disconnect the equipment or turn off the light and call the Management Office at 703-322-9650.
  • Protect extension cords from damage by not pulling them across doorways or any place where they will be stepped on. Do not plug an extension cord into another and do not plug more than one extension cord into one outlet. Be sure to check amperage load of the cord as specified by the manufacturer and do not exceed it.
  • Leave plenty of space for air to circulate around copy machines, word processors, microwave ovens, and other equipment that normally give off heat.
  • Make sure the power is shut off on all office equipment such as copiers, calculators, computers, etc. at the close of the business day.
  • Service elevator vestibules on all floors should be kept clear at all times to provide access for emergency equipment. Tenant belongings and deliveries should not be stored in service elevator vestibules.
  • Know the location on your floor of the local fire alarm manual pull stations, fire exits and fire extinguishers.
  • Become acquainted with the location of the nearest fire stairs by referring to the floor plan provided to you. Plan alternate means of escape should either stairwell be blocked.
  • Check procedures with the Fire Warden for evacuating handicapped personnel.
  • Keep several flashlights with fresh batteries in an easily accessible location for emergency use.
  • Do not open doors that feel hot.
  • Do not prop fire stair doors open or permit doors to remain open. This permits the fire and smoke to spread more easily.

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