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Since the source of explosion may not be apparent, its cause could be from a gas leak or an explosive material set to purposefully cause destruction.  Until a source has been determined, it is wise to be watchful of any suspicious persons that could inflict further harm on the structure or personnel.  The response appropriate for such an event is proportional to the damage inflicted.

  • Fall to the floor and take immediate shelter under tables, desks or other such objects that will offer protection against flying glass or debris.  Protect face and head with arms.
  • Provide first aid to stop bleeding or provide assistance.
  • Operate the nearest fire alarm pull box and telephone the Fire Department and the building Management Office.
  • Stay in place until a safe egress has been determined.
  • Perform an orderly evacuation when directed to do so.
  • Do not return to the building until Building Management or the Fire Department has given the all-clear signal.
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