Evacuation Procedure
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In the event of a fire, all employees should listen carefully to the Fire Warden. Only the Fire Warden can give the order to evacuate. The Fire Warden will be in communication with the Management Office and will have vital information such as where the fire is located and the safest escape route.

The following evacuation procedures should be observed.

  • If possible, grab purses, wallets, medicines, valuables, etc. as soon as the order to evacuate is given. You will not be allowed back into the space until the Fire Department or Building Management say it is safe to re-enter.
  • Before opening any door to the corridor, check the door and doorknob for heat using the back of your hand. If it is warm, stay in your office and caulk around the door seams using wet towels or duct tape. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR!! Find another exit to the corridor.
  • If both your door and doorknob are cold, leave your office.
  • Check for smoke in the corridor.
  • When smoke is present, stay low by crawling since clean air is closest to the floor.
  • Everyone should proceed quickly, but calmly to the nearest stairwell. DO NOT RUN! All the stairwells are constructed with fire-resistant materials to provide safe evacuation for building occupants.
  • DO NOT PANIC! Panic is the most harmful and most difficult element to control in an emergency. Avoiding panic is accomplished through the following steps
    • Knowledge of procedures which must be followed.
    • Confidence in the responsible personnel's ability and guidance.
    • Calmness and self-confidence of responsible personnel.

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