Crimes In Progress
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Unfortunately, this has become a growing concern at American places of business.  Cushman & Wakefield’s recommendations are based on the OSHA suggested Workplace Violence Prevention Program, which are on the following pages.

Remember during any crime, people's safety comes first. If you see a crime taking place, follow these guidelines.

  • Never put yourself in potential danger.
  • Report the crime to the Management Office and the Police Department. Try and be specific when describing the crime: what happened, where did it happen, who did it, when did it happen?
  • Make sure and get a good look at the suspect. Try to remember height, weight, age, sex, race and any distinguishing features.
  • Do not try and apprehend the suspect. The person may be carrying a weapon.
  • Do not follow the suspect outside the building.
  • If someone was injured during the crime, call 911 and request an ambulance. Then call the Management Office at 703-322-9650.
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