Civil Disturbance
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Since a Civil Disturbance is beyond our capabilities of the building's staff, we must rely upon the Fairfax County Police Department for assistance.  Our best efforts are made in the isolation of the building from public access and the peace. The slightest incident can bring an overwhelming response.

Information concerning demonstrators inside or outside of the building should be reported to the Building Management Office.  The Police Department will be notified if the situation warrants.

  • Employees should avoid the scene of a disturbance and any contact with the demonstrators to preclude the possibility of incidents or injury.  Employees within the building should stay away from windows and draw the curtains and blinds.
  • All disturbances and any related information will be monitored by the Building Management Office with the possibility that certain building services will be limited in order to ensure the security and safety of the occupants and property.
  • Employees should be ready to follow instructions of authorized company representatives.
  • Tenants may be required to physically verify their guests.
  • Communications with employees and floor evacuation personnel will be communicated via, telephone, email and/or by the management personnel walking through floor by floor notifying each tenant.
  • Floor Wardens and Floor Leaders should be prepared to assist in evacuation of a floor or of the building if deemed necessary.
  • Do not get in an argument.  Leave affected area.
  • If transportation access becomes restricted, consider keeping your employees at home or having them work from another office.
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