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Window Washing:

Trinity Centre provides each tenant space with both interior and exterior window washing.  In order that your windows may be cleaned properly, we ask that you keep the windowsill free of books, plants, and other items, which might block access for the window washers.  You will be notified ahead of time when window washing has been scheduled. Window cleaning is done twice a year.


Occasionally, some of our tenants who have lunchrooms or food storage areas in their suite have problems with insect pests.  Trinity Centre employs an exterminator, which services the public building space.  If you need an exterminator to come to your suite, please call the Management Office to schedule this service.  Please be prepared to give us the exact location of the problem.

Directory Identification:

Trinity Centre has a directory located in the main lobby of the building.  For new tenants, there is typically no charge for the original listing.  You must simply notify the Management Office in writing, of the proper listing for your firm. You will be charged to make any subsequent changes.  Additions or corrections to your tenant listing must be submitted in writing to the Management Office.

Trash Removal:

Trash removal is provided nightly by the cleaning crew.  If items of trash are too big for the trash can please write "Basura" on the item. You can call the management office for a pack of Basura stickers. If item does not have the sticker or word Basura the cleaners cannot take the item. Cleaners do not take chairs, furniture, etc...

If your space generates a large quantity of trash in a single day and the trash dumpster is unable to accommodate both it and the normal quantity of trash for the building, your firm will be charged for an additional trash pickup.

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