Recycling Program
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Trinity Centre is a strong supporter of the environmental recycling efforts.

Recycling Boxes

It is imperative that the recycling containers contain only the recyclable products and not trash. Click the link below for a list of acceptable recyclable products, which can be co-mingled in the recycling boxes. The employees need to empty their desk side container into the larger recycling container within their office. Usually, the big boxes are kept by the copier and/or in the kitchen. The cleaning crew will empty the big box twice a week, or as-needed.


Cardboard and cardboard boxes need to be recycled. This means that any time you get a box in your suite; you must remove the fillers (stuffing, paper, foam, peanuts, plastic, etc.) from the box and dispose of the fillers. The box must that be broken down flat by your employees. The cleaners will not take the boxes if they are not broken down. The broken down boxes will be picked up by the night cleaning staff. If you have a large amount of broken down boxes in a day, you may call the management office, and we will send the day porter to pick them up. Please put a "Basura" sticker on the boxes so the cleaning staff knows to remove them.

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